Catherine Zeta-Jones misses her family and friends in Wales.

The 42-year-old actress lives in New York with husband Michael Douglas and their two kids Dylan, 11 and Cerys, nine and although she loves life In America, Catherine admits the time difference is difficult when she's having a bad day.

She told Stylist magazine: ''It's really hard for me because I've been out of Wales longer than I ever lived there. My family is so close that I really miss just being able to say to my mam or my friends 'Just come on over for a cup of tea and we'll talk through stuff'.

''And I miss my friends from the dancing school that I'm still in touch with. I miss the immediacy. ''Because sometimes, you know it can be when you want to speak to your mother or your friends and because of the time difference you just go 'Oh s**t they're sleeping.'''

However, Catherine still sees quite a lot of her family, especially as they love to escape the cold winters in Wales and come to visit her in America.

She said: ''Wales comes to me now. They much prefer to get away from the weather. They liked to come visit when we were in Bermuda, they love to come to New York. My children adore their grandparents and their uncles.''