Ryan Murphy wants Catherine Zeta-Jones to star on 'Glee'.

The showrunner is a huge fan of the 'Rock of Ages' actress and has the perfect part for her to play, as openly gay character Blaine Anderson's (Darren Criss) mother.

When asked by a fan on twitter ''Are we ever going to meet Blaine's dad? Will he be unaccepting, like it was hinted at before?'', Ryan replied ''Not sure, but you know who I want as BLAINE's mom? Catherine Zeta-Jones!''

If she does accept a role on the show, Catherine will follow in the footsteps of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Britney Spears.

Ryan also revealed he would love for Gwyneth to return in her role as substitute teach Holly Holiday.

One fan asked ''Can you bring Gwyneth back?'' to which he replied ''@GwynethPaltrow can come back anytime she wants! How about Gwyneth with Kate Hudson?''

It was recently revealed that Sarah Jessica Parker will play a Vogue journalist in the show.

The former 'Sex And The City' star will be a ''frazzled and eccentric'' editor of the acclaimed fashion magazine's website when she makes her guest appearance and she is said to be ''hilarious''.

The show's co-creator and executive producer Ian Brennan said: ''Sarah Jessica Parker is gonna be running Vogue.com.

''That's sort of where we encounter this character, who's sort of frazzled, eccentric, hilarious. It's gonna be good.''

Sarah Jessica's storyline sees her encounter both Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) in New York.