Catherine Zeta-Jones' hair used to obstruct the blackboard at school.

The 42-year-old actress was forced to sit at the back of her classroom because of her mane, which she used to blow-dry to mimic the styles worn by her favourite bands as a teenager.

She said: ''I was into Big Hair in a big way. I was completely in love with Duran Duran and Haircut 100.My hair was so big that I had to sit at the back of the class in school because the other kids couldn't see the blackboard. I was working as a teenager in London theatre, but I was a New Romantic.''

Although the 80s were a heady time for many younger stars, Catherine insists she never got to be too hedonistic as she was too busy with her budding career.

She added to Britain's OK! magazine: ''The 80s were just boring for me. Unfortunately I always seemed to be working.''

Catherine - who won a string of awards for her role in 2002 musical movie 'Chicago' - can next be seen starring with Tom Cruise and Russell Brand in 'Rock of Ages' and she was delighted to get the chance to sing and dance on screen again.

She said: ''It was a great camaraderie and dedication, making musical movies of this genre, because when musicals are good, they are very good and when they are bad, some of them are really horrid, but it's a very committed genre of filmmaking.''