Catherine Zeta-Jones' make-up artist didn't want her face to ''compete'' with her Oscars dress.

Scott Barnes deliberately opted for a neutral look and even toned down the 'Chicago' star's striking features so as to best present her Zuhair Murad gold dress when she arrived for the Academy Awards on Sunday (24.02.13).

He explained: ''The red carpet is not an invitation to go overboard on your make-up. You don't want the face and the dress -- or even the face and the earrings - to compete. That's why for her red carpet look, I kept Catherine's make-up fairly neutral.

''The face and dress are working together, not against one another. Everyone gets along!

''I tend to use airbrushing to highlight and contour. Because I wanted the focus to be on her eyes, I also used the airbrush to tone down her brows.

''Her lips are nearly bare. In fact, I toned down the natural redness of her lips using a base of cream foundation, and then applied a neutral, taupe lipstick topped with M.A.C Creme sheen lip gloss in Boy Bait.''

However, for her performance of 'All that Jazz' at the ceremony, Scott opted for a more dramatic look.

He added to People: ''I took the opportunity to use the drama of the situation to give Catherine a red lip, and I unleashed those big, bold eyebrows.

''Not everyone can wear a red lip, and even those who have the lips for it might not always want to. I always say: There's a time and a face for every red lip. 'All that Jazz' - the drama of the music, the short, black bob - was one of them. And when you watch her on TV - or from side stage, where I did -- it's really a striking look. ''