Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones did not have far to carry her bags when she split from Michael Douglas - she moved into the property next door to the family home.

The Traffic star separated from Wall Street actor Douglas in 2013 after 13 years of marriage, and various reports suggested he had moved out of their family home in New York.

Douglas' mother Diana Dill and her husband Donald have now spoken out to confirm the couple is back together, and they recall it was Zeta-Jones who moved out of home, and the couple reconciled after a vacation in Canada and a family trip to Bermuda.

Dill tells British magazine Hello!, "She took a house next door - something like that... They're private about it."

Her husband adds, "They went to Canada - they have a place in Quebec - and they went to Bermuda and they went to the Caribbean with the kids on vacation. They've had a lot of time together in the last two months. They're together, we know that."