CHICAGO star Catherine Zeta-Jones is battling to regain her voice, after losing it while promoting her new movie The Legend of Zorro.

The Welsh actress has been travelling tirelessly to promote the movie, and all of her efforts have taken a toll on her throat.

She says, "DYLAN THOMAS called (Wales) the nation of voices - this is why I have no voice.

"(I've had) one of the busiest weeks for the last few months and I just woke up and it went.

"I was travelling to Europe and promoting Zorro and then I started talking, talking, talking for days. Then I woke up the other day - nothing. It was terrifying."

But now that her voice is beginning to return, Zeta-Jones is enjoying the smoky quality it has taken on.

She adds, "It's a cross between Demi Moore and Kathleen Turner. I'd like it to stay like this, as long as it wasn't ruining my voice."