Former DYNASTY star Catherine Oxenberg is passing on the secrets to her regal grooming to a group of American women hoping to pass themselves off as princesses.

The daughter of HRH PRINCESS ELIZABETH OF YUGOSLAVIA and the granddaughter of the former REGENT KING OF YUGOSLAVIA, Oxenberg, 43, is a direct descendent of 18th century Russian royal CATHERINE THE GREAT.

And in addiction to starring in her own reality series called I MARRIED A PRINCESS, she's now appearing in AMERICAN PRINCESS, which debuted in the US on 7 August (05).

She says, "(It's) a refreshingly unique - and American - take on royalty. Funny. Sweet. Endearing!

"One task was to learn the proper way to sit in a chair. Another was how to walk properly - with not too much sway, good posture and showing confidence.

"We also had the girls pick out what they would wear to a cocktail party. One woman came back with a gold sequined top and blue jeans. Some of the English judges were horrified!"

The winner of the show will receive a tiara worth $1 million (GBP550,000).