BOND stunner Catherine Mcqueen has recalled the moment when a crazed mugger kicked her and threatened to slash her face with a pair of scissors.

Gorgeous Catherine, 27, starred alongside Pierce Brosnan in the latest 007 flick, Die Another Day.

The mugger pounced after she got out of a cab at a cash machine a few minutes walk from her North London home.

Catherine says, "I really thought I was going to die. He appeared from nowhere and pushed me into an alley.

"He held the scissors to my face and said, 'Give me your money or I will cut you.'

"I've had martial arts training but I was terrified and froze. Then he punched me to the ground and started kicking me on my face and body.

"My heart was pounding. I was crying with pain and begging him to stop."

A passer-by heard Catherine's screams and chased off the mugger, saving her from further injury.

Catherine says, "This man probably saved my life. He checked I was OK then chased after the mugger, who had grabbed my camera and phone. The man caught him and retrieved my camera but then the attacker escaped."

Catherine had been partying with pals in London's Chinawhite club following an awards ceremony organised by FHM magazine.

08/06/2003 14:12