Catherine Hardwicke found out whether TWILIGHT stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would have on-screen chemistry by auditioning the pair in the privacy of her own bedroom.
The director, who recently admitted Pattinson and Stewart are in a real life relationship, didn't want to hire the British actor to play heart-throb vampire Edward Cullen unless he could romantically connect to Stewart in front of the camera.
So Hardwicke auditioned the pair in the bedroom of her Venice, California, home.
The moviemaker reveals the location of the pair's first smooch in an interview with U.S. TV show Access Hollywood, in which she allows the TV crew to film inside her home.
She says, "This is the place where we had the first kiss from Rob and Kristen. We did the audition to see if these two would have chemistry - to see if their kiss would be exciting and cool."
And Hardwicke admits she threw Pattinson and Kristen into the deep end, because they had only just met when she asked them to pucker up.
She adds, "I'm like, 'OK, I know you guys just met and everything, but... you're really gonna kiss!'"