Catfish And The Bottlemen are ''more excited'' about having one of their songs on a computer game than a successful album.

The Welsh rockers admitted it was a dream come true when they were asked if they wanted their new single 'Cocoon' to be on the soundtrack of new football video game 'FIFA 15' after a year of trying to get the tune on the title.

Speaking at the 'FIFA 15' soundtrack event, lead singer Van McCann exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''The first thing I used say to someone is, 'Do you know anyone who works in FIFA?' It's been a year's worth of trying to get it on the game.

''I'm more excited about this than I am the album, it's our dream. It's mesmerising.

''Every minute off we get on the road we play FIFA at every opportunity.''

As well as Van's persistence, the group - who are also made up of Johnny 'Bondy' Bond, Benji Blakeway and Bob Hall - also have their hardcore fan base to thank for making their dream come true as their supporters set up a Twitter campaign in an attempt to get their song on 'FIFA 15'.

Van added: ''I tweeted FIFA messing about saying we love the game, you've got to get us on it.

''I used to say it at gigs and our fans started getting behind it and started getting a hashtag trending.

''FIFA got in touch with the management team and said they'd listened to the band and love us and they were going to put the song on the game.''

Catfish and the Bottlemen's new single 'Cocoon' features on the soundtrack of EA SPORTS FIFA 15.

The demo is available to download NOW via XBox Live and PlayStation Network. The band's debut album, 'The Balcony', is available to download from iTunes.