Actress Cate Blanchett has revealed the secret behind the success of her 11-year marriage - a healthy sex life.
The Oscar-winner admits she and husband Andrew Upton weren't immediately attracted to each other, but they've become perfect partners, soulmates and bedroom buddies.
She explains, "You have to be prepared to make the same leap at the same time. It's about rhythm. I'm sure if you have a good sexual relationship, then you're in sync with one another. It's all about being in sync. Love is tough."
The Lord Of The Rings star had no idea she'd become Mrs. Upton after she first met her writer/director husband in 1996.
She adds, "He thought I was aloof and I thought he was really a headache. Then we got to know each other. (It was) annoyance at first sight.
"I believe (love at first sight) happens, but it's whether it lasts. Would Romeo and Juliet have made it if they hadn't been so silly, (and were) a bit more patient?"