The Oscar winner will add the Lacoste Spotlight Award to her ever-growing collection of accolades on 23 February (16), when she is presented with the prize at the organisation's 18th annual ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California.

The honour is presented to an actor "whose talent and career personify an enduring commitment to excellence, including a special awareness of the role and importance of costume design", according to CDGA officials.

Naomi Watts was awarded the same title last year (15), while Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Kate Beckinsale, and Halle Berry are all previous recipients.

Cate joins director Quentin Tarantino among the 2016 CDGA honourees, while costume designer Ellen Mirojnick will receive a lifetime achievement award.

Cate is known for her elaborate costumes onscreen, and has worked closely with wardrobe designers on the sets of films including The Aviator, Blue Jasmine, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Cinderella, and her latest critically-acclaimed project Carol.

Academy Award-winning costume designer Sandy Powell, who dressed Cate for Cinderella and Carol, recently opened up about her style inspirations for Cate's title character in the new period drama, explaining how she created the actress' onscreen silhouette.

"I looked at the specific fashion photographers like Gordon Parks, Clifford Coffin and Cecil Beaton, and if you pick up any magazine from 1952, that is the silhouette you will see," she told "In order to create that silhouette, I had to start with the undergarments. That's not Cate's natural silhouette - she doesn't have pointed bosoms. Believe it or not, a lot of the jacket shapes are actually padded over the hips to give that hip shape and the small waist and the bras provide that shape of the bosom. So you create the silhouette from the foundation garments and build the clothing over the top."