Cate Blanchett's children think she's really ''uncool.''

The 49-year-old actress may have numerous films under her belt and a successful theatre directing career, but her kids - Dashiell, 16, Roman, 14, Ignatius, 10, and Edith, three, whom she has with her husband Andrew Upton - think she's an embarrassment and have encouraged her to bag better roles.

Speaking on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which will air on Saturday (08.09.18), the 'House With a Clock In Its Walls' star said: ''They do and they don't [watch my films.] My son gave me some great career advice a few years ago, he said, 'Mum, when are you going to make a blockbuster?'

''I said, 'I was in 'Lord of the Rings'!' And he said, 'Yeah for about 30 seconds.' So it didn't really count. I had no brownie points with my children.''

Her co-star Jack Black - who has sons Samuel, 12, and Thomas, 10, with Tanya Haden - added: ''My boys, they actually prefer the work of Will Ferrell. I think it's natural that kids think that their parents are really uncool and embarrassing.''

Cate and her family recently moved back to the UK from her native Australia because, although she's used to seeing killer snakes and poisonous spiders around, she wanted her children to grow up in a country that is more ''benign.''

She explained when asked why she moved back to the UK: ''I just think that in my country you walk into a field and you're going to be killed by some kind of snake or accosted by a huge [animal.] It's much more benign here... pigs, chickens.''

And in between acting and raising her kids, Cate is looking forward to catching up on novels she hasn't read and pottering around in the garden.

She said recently: ''I suppose that's what I like about coming back here.

''There are so many books I haven't read, so many films I haven't watched, so many conversations I haven't had, so many plants I haven't planted... It's important to sort of sit and think what could be next.''