Cate Blanchett is preparing to step down as the head of the Sydney Theatre Company (Stc) in her native Australia after more than three years in charge.
The Oscar-winning actress and her playwright husband Andrew Upton joined the drama group in 2009 as co-artistic directors and CEOs, and they have turned the company's fortunes around since taking on the project.
However, the couple will now step down in 2013 after one more season.
A statement from Stc chairman David Gonski, obtained by the Aap, reads, "As they announced at the launch of the 2012 season, it was always their intention to only stay for two terms. We asked Cate and Andrew to stay on but we respect their decisions to leave in two years' time to pursue other professional interests.
"As co-artistic directors and CEOs, with inspirational leadership, Andrew and Cate turned around the Stc's finances and made it a sustainable business while taking it to new artistic heights. They are a couple not only of extraordinary talents and profile, but they have a strong business sense and a strong financial rigour."