Cate Blanchett only thinks about aging when someone else ''brings it up''.

The 49-year-old star - who turns 50 in May this year - said there is a ''spirit of being alive as a woman'' which designers like Georgio Armani capture in their work, and she explained it features ''a whole lot of dualities''.

Cate - who is an ambassador for the Italian fashion brand - told Vogue UK magazine: ''I don't think about ageing at all until someone brings it up. [When] I think of some of the most inspiring faces, it's Louise Bourgeois and Georgia O'Keeffe.

''I'm looking into the spirit of the woman and that's what I love. Like Mr Armani, who's really wanted to capture the spirit of being alive as a woman [in his work].

''You know, it can be sensual, but it can also be full of power, it can be fragile, but it can be wicked. It's a whole lot of dualities.''

The 'Ocean's 8' actress also opened up about the impact of feminism on the film industry, and how it means there is a more diverse collection of voices and characters being created as a result of greater equality in Hollywood.

She explained: ''I think there are now more women in the writer's room. There are more women at the centre of narratives being optioned and there are more platforms on which to release stories.

''There are certain stories, from the 1990s, about really interesting female lives but they were basically used to tell the same story about a woman. A woman in a man's world.

''Whereas I feel now that the complexity and interest of these characters are being placed in very interesting backdrops and the stories that are being told about them are more sophisticated and complex. It excites me, as an actor but also as an audience member. You don't have to be in them to consume them.''