Cate Blanchett is constantly asked for advice on animals - and she doesn't know why.

The 'Lord of the Rings' actress - who has sons Dashiell, 11, Roman, eight, and four-year-old Ignatius with husband Andrew Upton - says her family and friends rely on her to help them with their issues.

She has had more animal-related queries since getting a dog and a cat herself but she insists she's no pet expert.

In an interview with Stylist magazine, Cate said: ''I never really want to talk about anything. But lately I find people are always coming to me for advice. Lately people have been coming to me about animals.

''We recently got a puppy and a kitten. The kitten's a Tonkinese, a sort of cross between a Siamese and Burmese. The boys have called him Warwick.

''But I tend not to dole out advice left, right and centre. I find in the end that people know the answer, you know? Sometimes people just have to talk things out, so that they can come to the conclusions themselves.''

As well as advice on animals, Cate is also regularly approached about relationships and she thinks it's because people trust her as she has been married to Andrew since December 1997.

She added: ''[I'm asked about] relationships too, that seems to be a theme these days. Maybe it's because I've been married so long. 16, 17 years ... something like that.

Cate and Andrew are also the artistic directors of the Sydney Theatre Company and work closely together.