Australian actress Cate Blanchett was delighted when her first-born son DASHIELL fell in love with punk music, instead of tame children's artists.

The OSCAR-winner and husband ANDREW UPTON are huge punk fans and were relieved young Dashiell preferred Iggy Pop and The Clash to kids' favourites like THE TELETUBBIES and BARNEY.

Blanchett explains, "From the age of six months, he would sit in front of the thing at six o' clock in the morning with his maracas and we'd have to listen to ROCK THE CASBAH like, 100 times.

"But he then, at a later stage, moved onto THE WIGGLES."

Blanchett and Upton welcomed ROMAN, a brother for three-year-old Dashiell in April 2004.

13/05/2005 17:32