Cate Blanchett owes her youthful looks to creams made with Japanese beverage sake. The Aussie actress has been a devotee of Procter + Gamble SK-II products for seven years - and now she's a spokeswoman for the brand. And the star is revealing what it is about the miracle creams and face-masks that give the products the edge over other age defying beauty items. She says, "They discovered that little old women who were working in the sake dough, I guess it's called, their hands were as smooth as babies." Pregnant Blanchett is such a big fan of the SK-II beauty masks, she slips one on every morning, while she's making sandwiches for her children's dinner. She explains, "I have a little ritual in the morning and in the evening; I'll do a mask while I'm making their sandwiches... It's that easy to do." But she's not quite sure about the serial killer look the masks give her: "It's cotton and you look like Hannibal Lecter, but you don't look like Hannibal Lecter when you take it off."