Cate Blanchett was left stunned after a clairvoyant correctly predicted a movie role she went on to accept. Only when she was on the set of 2003 film Veronica Guerin - the real life story of a murdered Irish journalist - did the Australian actress realise the spookily accurate forecast. She says, "There was one woman I met in Savannah who was actually a real estate agent, and she said that I was going to have two body guards and something was going to happen to me where people were going to fall in love with me, and I was going to play a character with short hair whose name was Gavan Groon Greran. "And of course, then I found myself in Ireland and I was just laughing my head off, me with two bodyguards. And I found myself on set because I was playing Veronica Gerand, short hair journalist, a woman ahead of her times. All these things that she predicted and because the case was being reopened at the time they were filming, they'd had bodyguards on set and I was being escorted with my short hair and my little pad to my car with two bodyguards. "And I thought, 'Oh this is so weird' and I suddenly remembered that she'd said that."