OSCAR-winning actress Cate Blanchett once appeared in an Egyptian boxing movie she has never seen.

The Australian star was paid just two Egyptian pounds and offered free falafel to play an American pom pom girl in the project she stumbled upon while travelling around the world in her youth.

She explains, "I was in this weird place called THE OXFORD HOUSE and I had to get some money, so the girl I was travelling with hooked up with this Scottish guy who was recruiting American looking extras to be in an Egyptian boxing film.

"They were going to pay two Egyptian pounds that was going to pay my rent for the week, so I said, 'Sure.'

"It was so boring. We were given these pom poms and they were telling us to cheer.

"It was so embarrassing and they didn't feed us so I left. I was like 'la Blanchett' walking off the set. I'm sure it was a masterpiece."

19/11/2003 09:26