Cate Blanchett proved her green credentials by switching on her Australian theatre's eco-friendly power system at a ceremony in Sydney on Friday (26Nov10).
The actress is co-artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company along with her husband Andrew Upton, and the couple has implemented a new solar power system for the company's base venue.
Over 1,900 solar panels have been installed on the building's roof to provide 70 per cent of the theatre's power supply, and Blanchett turned out for the big switch-on on Friday.
She tells the AAP, "We were looking to reconnect the company to the city and we were looking to make it cutting edge again. Andrew came up with a great idea and said, 'What if we bring it into the 21st century and make it green'...
"Hopefully (we can) inspire people to demand panels and it will reduce the cost of the panels."