Cate Blanchett has hinted an "irresponsible nanny" was responsible for the burns her young son suffered on the set of her new movie BABEL. ROMAN, now two, was taken flown to a London hospital after suffering minor burns in a mystery accident on the film's Morocco set last May (05). Blanchett - who has another son, four year old DASHIELL, has never discussed the incident, but hints it may have been less of an accident. Speaking at the release of Babel at the Cannes Film Festival, she says, "Being a parent, whenever I see a child in danger - particularly with an irresponsible nanny running around the desert - it is like pulling the roots of my system out and spraying them on the ground in front of me. "It is very distressing. But it was great, my children were there and I have some incredible photographs of them playing with the children in the village which was an astonishing experience for them to have.''