LATEST: Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett has laughed off reports she is planning to retire and return to her native Australia. The ELIZABETH star, 37, lives in England with her screenwriter husband ANDREW UPTON and two children DASHIELL, 4, and ROBERT, 2. While Blanchett admits she is often so exhausted after completing a film or play she is tempted to quit, she loves acting too much to give it up and is in no rush to return home just yet - despite its appeal. She says, "I'm always, every time I make a film, every time I do a play, I'm always saying 'That's it, I'm never doing it again'. Which is great because every time you do a project you have to be seduced back. "I think Australia is for me, has always been and for my husband, it's a wealth of opportunities, it's not like going back and life ends. "It sort of feels like life begins in a way and that's the theatrical community that we are from, our families there."