OSCAR-winner Cate Blanchett is disgusted by how many of her Hollywood peers have succumbed to using face-paralysing Botox.

THE GIFT star, 35, is happy to age gracefully and is saddened so many young girls are injecting the chemical into their faces in the hope of retaining eternal youth.

Blanchett says, "It's not just women on film, 18-year-old girls feel pressure to do preventative injecting.

"I see someone's face, someone's body who'd had children and I think they're the song lines of your experience, and why would you want to eradicate that?

"I look at people sort of entombing themselves and all you see is their little pin holes of terror... and you think, just live your life, death is not going to be any easier just because your face can't move."

09/05/2005 21:20