OSCAR-nominee Cate Blanchett has shunned the services of Hollywood's finest dress designers for tonight's (27FEB05) Academy Awards ceremony.

The laid-back Australian beauty has rejected the free help offered by 80 stylists and life coaches for her appearance at the prestigious award show - as she refuses to get caught up in the hype surrounding the event.

Blanchett is hotly tipped to take home Best Supporting Actress award for her highly-praised Katharine Hepburn portrayal in The Aviator.

A source says, "Cate has been inundated with offers of everything ranging from complimentary evening wear to free flights from Australia and back - but she is not one to be wooed.

"The fickle folk of Hollywood simply can't believe Cate is so cool and down-to-earth about everything.

"She defies all expectations of an A-list movie star. Obviously she wants to look her best but she has rejected offers from 28 American designers, saying she doesn't want a fuss."

27/02/2005 14:36