Actress Cate Blanchett never reads reviews of her work - and only listens to what her husband thinks about her work.

The OSCAR winner quit listening to critics several years ago, but insists she always preferred negative reviews, because they spurred her to better herself.

She explains, "I stopped reading reviews about five or six years ago. I think there's some reviewers which are really great, and I've actually learned a lot from some constructively critical reviews. The good reviews are almost the bad ones. They're the difficult ones to deal with. Praise is very difficult to deal with.

"It can be very damaging. It's hard to keep. I think a negative can often propel you on - you want to prove that wrong or learn from it."

Instead of critics she relies on feedback from her husband ANDREW UPTON, adding, "I really value his opinion. He was the first person that I met that I could really discuss work with, because I think the relationship between what actually motivates you and what you actually draw from it is a very personal, private thing that you almost hide from yourself.

"If something's working, you don't really want to know why it's working. And so to openly discuss that with someone is very intimate."

11/05/2005 17:16