Actress Cate Blanchett would rather wait to win her first ACADEMY AWARD, because she doesn't want her career to peak too soon.

The Australian actress was disappointed to miss out on the Best Actress OSCAR in 1999 when she was hotly tipped for her role in ELIZABETH, but was beaten at the final hurdle by Gwyneth Paltrow.

But some philosophical advice from her husband ANDREW UPTON helped Blanchett gain a better perspective.

She says, "My husband is a wise man, and he said to me at the time, you don't want to win, because then where do you go from there. He said it's far better to sort of keep arriving than ever to arrive."

She offers the same advice to Martin Scorsese, who directed her in new Oscar favourite The Aviator and is still waiting for his first Academy Award.

She adds, "Maybe that's the feeling about Marty - people yearn for him to win an Academy Award, but in the end what is it.

"But look, let's hope he's holding one."

14/01/2005 17:43