Oscar winner Cate Blanchett is terrified of meeting rocker Bob Dylan after playing him in the upcoming film I'M NOT THERE. The actress is one of several stars portraying the legendary musician to represent different aspects of his life. She explains, "Bob Dylan's persona is divided into six different parts one played by this extraordinary black actor and Richard Gere and Christian Bale and Heath Ledger and myself. "I play Bob Dylan when he went electric, so I had the hair. It's not a biopic. I think when you kind of juxtapose all those different incarnations you get an approximation of him. "'Cause he's so elusive, and I'm so in love with him and I'm so glad I never met him - I'd be terrified! My brother-in-law met him. He was at a party in LA about 15 years ago and he was talking to this really cool guy. They had shared a joint and after he left, everyone came up to my brother-in-law and said, 'How do you know Bob?' and he said, 'Bob, who?' He thought he was talking to the gardener!"