Cate Blanchett was forced to revaluate her acting skills on the set of INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, when her co-stars Harrison Ford and SHIA LaBEOUF jokingly butchered her performance.
Blanchett, 38, plays a Russian spy in the film and stars opposite leading men LaBeouf, 21, and Ford, 65, in the latest installment of the action franchise.
But she was left questioning her acting abilities when director Steven Spielberg allowed her fun-loving peers to instruct her.
She says, "The boys would come on set and there was a day when Steven (Spielberg) even let them direct me. He gave them the big megaphone and they called, 'Action!' and criticised my performance.
"They said it wasn't good enough and (I should) go back and do it again."