Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett credits her director husband ANDREW UPTON's humble ego with keeping their marriage on track - because he doesn't get jealous when he's overshadowed by her fame. The couple, who share three children, have made their marriage work for 11 years in the spotlight.
And Blanchett insists it's Upton's ability to separate their lives at home and on the red carpet that has kept them together, because he's not intimidated by her massive fame.
She tells America's Vanity Fair magazine, "He's got a very strong sense of self. He's married to a woman who, at the moment, is in a noisy phase in her career. But he's also been with me when it's not that noisy, and he knows there's not a lot of difference in me, or in us. I'm incredibly lucky to be with someone like that.
"Because my face is more recognised than his, there's a reverse sexism; somehow his career path is seen as more dispensable, less important. That's just garbage. I have deep respect for what he does, and likewise. If I was a theater actor, it wouldn't be an issue."