Cate Blanchett is urging the Australian government to set up a fund to raise cash for the country's performing arts industry.
The Oscar-winning actress, who is co-artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company, is calling on politicians to recognise the importance of creative arts companies and pour money into the industry.
Blanchett wants politicians to set up a multi-million dollar fund to help Australian businesses, as she's convinced improving the performing arts industry will be of major benefit to the country's economy.
Speaking at the opening of the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM), which showcases local companies to the overseas market, she says, "(There is a) frustrating feeling of how much more performing arts could actually achieve. The riches that APAM throws up is surely another reason to investigate the notion of a creative Australia fund, and for that to be seriously reconsidered.
"I think with that long-term and relatively small investment by government, I think it could take the performing arts even further than they are already going.
"The process of development is lengthy and costly - it's a human medium, the performing arts. (But) it's a very fruitful and (financially) successful sector and I think the support would really benefit us. Not only economically, but spiritually."