Sexy ANGEL actress AMY AKER is so accident prone, she gets hurt even when she's not involved in fight scenes.

Amy plays WINIFRED BURKLE in the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER spin-off TV show, and is trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as sword-fighting - but these skills were not enough to prevent her from acquiring an injury on one particular occasion.

The Catch Me If You Can beauty recalls, "I always seem to be the only one who gets hurt. I can be standing, not involved in a fight at all, but then someone will swing their sword and hit me in the face.

"I was hanging from the ceiling and flying through the air on wires once. Then they put me down and started taking everything off and the metal bar that I was hanging from fell on my head. I was just like, 'Don't cry, don't cry'. Then I walked off the set and just started bawling."

01/07/2003 09:15