Georgia-born singer/songwriter Cat Power has blamed her lifelong heavy drinking and the loss of a lover to another girl for the breakdown that landed her in hospital at the beginning of 2006. The cult singer, real name CHAN MARSHALL, cancelled a tour and checked herself into a Miami, Florida treatment centre. And now the 34-year-old is talking about her terrible start to the year, insisting she's not an alcoholic - but she needs to stop drinking. She tells rock magazine Spin, "This was the third time I've been in the hospital. I never really connected the dots. I never really thought, 'When something bad happens, you go to the bar and turn off your emotions.' "I never realised that I'd gotten to the point of such depression. So that's why I can't drink anymore. I need to be able to face things." And she reveals the cause of her depression was a romance gone sour - she never recovered from the 1998 break-up of a relationship with "the love of my life". Power admits that at the height of her depression, she was washing down painkillers with a fifth of scotch every day.