Singer Cat Power has confessed she ditched tour dates in July (06) because she had become suicidal as a result of her spiralling alcoholism. Power - real name CHAN MARSHALL - released a statement at the time claiming the cancellations of her American and British dates were as a result of "health reasons". She says, "I was looking at death. I wanted to die... I asked God, I said, 'I'm tired, I can't do this.' I was asking him to just take me. The quirky star admits she became exhausted and unhappy after relentless touring in 1998, which led to her crippling drink problem. But after receiving psychiatric treatment for her depression, she is finally sober and looking ahead. She recalls, "Even playing all my shows I was always intoxicated, always kind of not there, which led to the depression. "It was more about the uncomfortableness with just being in my own skin, and that's why the alcohol was always with me."