Cat Deeley is too much of a ''worrier'' to have more children.

The 40-year-old presenter and her husband Patrick Kielty have 14-month-old son Milo together and though the blonde beauty would like him to have a sibling, she didn't enjoy her pregnancy because she was so cautious.

Asked if she will have another child, she said: ''The thing is. I'm a worrier. What if something happens?

''I do want more kids. I love kids. But I really didn't enjoy being pregnant and mine was easy. I was very wary of everything.''

With Cat and her family based in the US, she admits it would take a lot for her to return to the UK for her work.

She told Grazia magazine: ''The question isn't about leaving LA. It's about my little boy and my husband.

''And if I was going to leave them, it's either got to be something that drives me wild with excitement or something that pays me very well, if I'm being completely honest.

''The thing is, we love it there. I do a job I love then go home to the hills where it's quiet and you can see the beach. I can just retreat.

''Plus, I don't get bothered because Tom Cruise is just down the road so no one cares about me. What's not to love?''

The 'So You Think You Can Dance' host tied the knot in September 2012 after less than a year of dating and she admits things happened ''very quickly'' between herself and her former 'Fame Academy' co-host because they were older and more self-assured.

She said: ''It was quite knock-your-socks-off for both of us. There were no more games and it all happened very quickly because we were older and comfortable in our own skin.

''A lot of our friends knew it would happen before we did but I honestly had no idea. Otherwise I wouldn't have wasted so much time.

''And thank God he happened to be around and that I hadn't missed him in the process.''