Cat Deeley doesn't hang out with British people when she's in Los Angeles.

The television presenter - who moved Stateside in 2006 to front reality show 'So You Think You Can Dance' - insists she has a varied social group, though knows lots of English people who she enjoys chatting to when she feels homesick.

She explained: "I don't just hang out with English people, it's nice to mix it up. I'm lucky because there are a lot of English people in the production team so if I want to talk to them about 'Grange Hill', baked beans or Ant and Dec, I can!"

The Birmingham-born beauty went on to admit that while she likes living in the US, red carpet events in Los Angeles aren't always as enjoyable as it would appear.

She added: "You think it'll be super elegant but the reality is that people are treading on your dress, it's 95 degrees and you'd rather be sitting by a pool in a bikini instead of negotiating getting from one end of the red carpet to the other without tripping.

"That's tricky when you're the clumsiest person ever!"