Cat Deeley will raise her child in Los Angeles.

The 'So You Think You Can Dance' host and husband Patrick Kielty, 44, have previously had a transatlantic relationship, with her based in the US and her spouse dividing his time between London and Belfast, but they are now settled in California and are looking forward to giving their unborn baby an experience very different to their own childhoods.

She told Closer magazine: ''We're going to ensure we take the baby back home to visit our families as much as possible but, for now, we're happy here in LA and are excited to bring up our child with an outdoors lifestyle.

''They're going to experience the LA sunshine Patrick and I never got to experience.''

38-year-old Cat's declaration comes after it was recently claimed the couple had been agonising over the decision of where to raise their family.

A source said: ''Cat would love to bring up the baby in the UK so both their families are close, but at the same time she loves the outdoorsy Californian lifestyle.

''It's a big decision and she's torn.''