Cat Deeley doesn't think running ''suits'' her.

The 40-year-old television presenter believes people shouldn't be forced to carry out certain workouts but they should find an exercise that suits them, and the blonde beauty has revealed sprinting and gym sessions are not for her.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about her fitness plan, the 'So You Think You Can Dance' host said: ''Running and gyms don't suit me, you have to find what you like.''

But Cat has revealed she will attend yoga sessions to prevent her from looking like an ''old lady'', although she has claimed she is ''not very stretchy naturally''.

She added: ''I'm not very stretchy naturally so yoga helps me, otherwise I'd look like an old lady.''

Cat has revealed she enjoys styling herself because there are days when she wants to wear a feminine outfit, whilst other days she wants to channel her inner rock chic by sporting leather garments.

Speaking about her wardrobe choices, she said: ''Usually I style myself because some days you feel like wearing a little flowery dress and some days you feel like wearing your leather.''

And the star has admitted she often hunts for stylish pieces in high street stores, because it helps her to establish her ''own personal style''.

She added: ''I buy high street things from places like Zara. You can create your own personal style.''

Meanwhile Cat, who has as 21-month-old son Milo with her husband Patrick Kielty, has revealed motherhood has changed ''everything''.

Speaking about parenthood, she said: 2It changes everything. I don't think anything quite prepares you. You can ask a million people's advice and you're never quite ready for it. It's crazy how much it changes your life - but in the best way possible.''