Cat Deeley loves her imperfections.

Despite often being voted one of the world's most beautiful women, the 'So You Think You Can Dance' host insists she's not perfect and loves to embrace her flaws.

She said: "I embraced early on that I'm not perfect. Besides, it's the imperfections that make people fall in love. Otherwise, we'd all love the same person; guys would all love Gisele and girls would all love Brad Pitt."

Although the 33-year-old beauty admits she has off days, she says she's generally happy with her appearance.

She told Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine: "Like any woman, it depends on the day. We all have those days when you have to squeeze a bit harder into your jeans or when you look in the mirror after a long flight and are like, 'Oh, my goodness!' "My best feature is probably my smile as it goes a long way, especially when it's real and your eyes go all twinkly."