Cat Deeley insists she is ''low maintenance''.

The 'So You Think You Can Dance' host - who is known for her luscious locks - admits she spends a lot of money on having her hair done and other beauty treatments, but claims she isn't concerned about her appearance.

She said: ''I'm quite low maintenance but I do bits and pieces, so when I've got no make-up on and tied my hair up, I still look pulled together. I have my eyelashes tinted and my eyebrows shaped and I go for regular facials.

''I do have a great hairdresser here in LA, and that's not cheap but my hair is always on show. It's about knowing where to invest. I pay less for my hair than someone would for a pair of shoes.''

The 36-year-old British beauty now lives permanently in Los Angeles, where she hosts the hit TV reality dancing show, and thinks the move has had a ''positive effect'' on her lifestyle.

She explained to LOOK magazine: ''It's more laidback. You can turn up to the Beverly Hills Hotel for brunch in yoga gear as everyone is doing it. In London, I'd feel weird walking around with no make-up on, but in LA people walk around with plastered noses from their nose jobs and no one looks twice!''