Cat Deeley doesn't hang out with other British people In America.

The 35-year-old TV presenter - who is dating Patrick Kielty - moved to the US in 2006 to host 'So You Think You Can Dance' and says she went Stateside to have a new ''adventure'' and experience new things.

Asked if she hangs out with other UK celebrities, she said: ''You know what my whole idea when I went out there was to have a bit of an adventure, there's no point in going somewhere just to hang out with Brits, go and have an adventure. But I'm really enjoying it there, I do a job I love then I can go to the beach or go horse riding. I surf, badly.'''

However, 'The Choice' host admits she misses British food and high street fashion stores, and she can't wait to get a fix of her favorites when she returns to the UK.

She added on UK TV show 'Lorraine': ''I look forward so much to duck pancakes when I get home, because they don't have great Chinese food, or sausages, so I just think about those [when I get on the plane].

''My first thing I do is go and hoover around Topshop, I really miss it, I'm a total high street girl. I like to mix it all up, bit of designer and high street, French Connection and Monsoon, and no one does high street as good as here.''