Cat Deeley thinks American TV audiences will love Cheryl Cole.

The British singer is currently waiting to see whether 'The X Factor' boss Simon Cowell will give her a role in the US version of the show, and Cat - who has made a name for herself stateside by hosting 'So You Think You Can Dance' - thinks America will love Cheryl because she is "completely charming".

The 37 year old told The Sun Newspaper: "Cheryl is just completely charming. The whole public love her and she's the nation's sweetheart - I don't see why she wouldn't be that In America too."

Cat also dismissed reports that TV bosses are concerned about Cheryl's Geordie accent.

She said: "People talk about the accent all the time - maybe they would understand her, maybe they wouldn't.

"It's difficult to tell but I don't see it as a stumbling block. She could do something about that anyway if she needed to."