Cast To Release Brand New Album!

Cast To Release Brand New Album!

After announcing their reformation earlier this year, 15 years on from the release of their million-selling debut 'All Change', Britpop giants Cast are back.

After a massive UK tour, starting this month, the band will be heading back into the studio to record a brand new album.

The album is set for release in early 2011 with the aid of cutting-edge, direct to fan music model PledgeMusic.

PledgeMusic is the platform that helps bands and musicians make music without the aid of a traditional record label, by allowing fans to contribute to, and get involved in, the whole process.

What Cast fans get in return depends on what they pledge. Everything - from a signed copy of the new album to an invite to the band's rehearsal room to a private acoustic set by the band - is up for grabs.

Fans that have already bought a ticket to the band's forthcoming UK tour can use PledgeMusic to upgrade their ticket to a special VIP package, including a backstage laminate, a chance to watch the soundcheck and hang out with the band.

Another feature of the PledgeMusic system allows a percentage of the money raised to be automatically donated to a charity of the band's choice. Cast have chosen Shelter.

Says John Power: "We've chosen Shelter because they do such awesome work to help people in the UK who are facing homelessness or who have housing issues. Thanks in advance for helping us to help them."