LATEST: Riding a horse in a skimpy bikini gave sexy Casino Royale star Caterina Murino the courage to get back in the saddle for real after a freak fall left her almost paralysed. The Italian actress broke her back while taking riding lessons for a period movie - a day before her Bond girl audition - and sat through the test with Casino Royale producers doped up with pain pills. She says, "I spent 12 hours in the hospital completely paralysed... When I went for the audition I was drugged with cortisone and morphine." Murino later discovered she had shattered her ribs and had damaged nerves, but she still landed the part of sultry Bond girl SOLANGE in the new film. When she discovered her part called for her to ride a horse on a beach while wearing a bikini, she froze. She recalls, "I read the script and there was one f**kin' horse, and it was mine! Normally the Bond movie doesn't have a horse in the story. "In my contract, I stated that I needed to have a double on the horse but a friend told me I would go into history with this scene because no Bond girl has ridden a horse in a bikini. "I started to get over my fear with a small pony, walking and crying all day. Then, when I arrived on the Bahamas to shoot the scene, (producer) Barbara Broccoli got me a teacher who pushed me every day with jumping and galloping. "I hated him because the problem was not physical anymore. It was in my mind that I would fall from the horse again, but I got to be more confident and everything you see on the screen is me. Now I ride horses every week."