Casey Affleck found weather conditions on the Argentinean set of new film GERRY too hot to handle - with the crew passing out all over the set.

Casey, the younger brother of Hollywood hunk BEN, stars with his sibling's best pal Matt Damon in the flick, and says everyone working on the movie found the extreme heat too much to take.

Handsome Casey, who is dating Summer Phoenix, explains, "Suddenly instead of freezing cold and snowing it was summer - during the day it would reach 115 degrees average and one day it reached 121 degrees.

"It's like being in a sauna all day long, which is really dangerous. We had to hump all this equipment to these locations and people were fainting and throwing up and dropping out.

"So it was pretty hard, but it also made it easy - in none of those scenes did we ever have to pretend about the unbearable heat - it was truly almost unbearable."

05/08/2003 17:14