Casey Affleck was left red faced after a confrontation with Morgan Freeman on the set of their latest film GONE BABY GONE - because he turned up late for work. Affleck claims the incident occurred following a timing miscalculation, when Freeman was brought on set earlier than required - and was forced to wait in his trailer for the younger star to show up. He tells chatshow host Larry King, "Morgan was fantastic. He is Morgan Freeman. The first day he came to work, everyone is a little on edge because Morgan was coming and it was a big week. "And I guess they brought in Morgan a little bit early. You know, they thought he might need a hair cut or something. "But Morgan didn't need a haircut. So he was sitting in his trailer for half an hour, waiting for everyone else to show up. And so when I got there, Morgan had been told that he was waiting there because I was late. "No one wanted to admit that they had brought him in early. So I went up to Morgan's trailer, and knocked on the door. And I thought, I'm going to introduce myself to Morgan Freeman. And he came out and gave me a lecture for 15 minutes about being late and being professional. And so I had live with that."