Numerous movies about cat burglars have been produced in the past -- for example, the classic To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant in 1955 and the forgettable Burglar with Whoopi Goldberg in 1987 -- but Britain's Aardman Features announced Monday that it is planning a heist movie in which the burglars are actually cats. The claymation film from Wallace & Gromit director Steve Box is said to be a kind of take-off of Ocean's Eleven. Another feature, based on two books from Gideon Defoe's Pirates! series, will reportedly be directed by Aardman cofounder Peter Lord. Aardman recently signed a new deal with Sony Pictures after being dumped by Dreamworks Animation last year. In a statement, Sarah Smith, the newly appointed creative director of Aardman, said, "I think there's a great opportunity to excite audiences by raising the stakes in terms of the quality, intelligence and variety of stories our animated films tell and the genres they inhabit."