British actor Cary Elwes is suing the film-makers behind horror movie SAW, claiming he was entitled to a percentage of the profits from the 2004 box office hit.

THE PRINCESS BRIDE star, 42, alleges he barely received any money for his performance in the low-budget film, and claims co-stars Danny Glover, Monica Potter and Leigh Whannell made millions of dollars in profits between them.

Elwes filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on 8 August (05), citing breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Elwes alleges he only received a salary of $2,587 (GBP1,430), followed by a $53,275 (GBP29,590) bonus, and claims producer Mark Burg told him he "would make more money (on Saw) than he had ever made before".

The suit states Elwes believes "should have included box-office bonuses equal to the highest paid actor who performed in Saw," as well as a percentage of profits "equivalent to the highest paid actor" in the film.

The producers' lawyer MARTIN D SINGER responds, "The back-end deal was proposed by Cary Elwes' own agent and attorney. My client never proposed the back-end deal at all (and) is still getting paid his share of the producers' net profits."