Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, has suggested he'd like to run the news network again so that he could get rid of the "fluffy news" and replace it with more international coverage. If he were running the cable news network, he said, there'd be "less talk, more news." Turner, who remains the largest shareholder in Time Warner as a result of the sale of his Turner Broadcasting Company to the media conglomerate in 1996, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television, "I'd like to see me running Time Warner. ... I'd like CNN to report to me, and the Cartoon Network." Both cable networks are being trounced in the ratings by competitors -- CNN by Fox News and Cartoon Network by Nickelodeon. "I'd put Captain Planet on [again] so kids could see the environmental hero instead of Superman," Turner said. In response to a question about Viacom chief Sumner Redstone's remark that his decision to sell Turner Broadcasting to Time Warner led to his downfall, Turner replied, "He's right. I made a mistake. I was tired."