Carson Daly has defended NBC's new reality singing competition 'The Voice', insisting that it is not an American Idol copycat, reports the New York Daily News. Carson Daly hosts the new show, which made a strong start with its season premiere on Tuesday evening (26th April 2011).
Despite early comparisons with Simon Cowell's brand of talent contests, host Carson Daly claims the show is unique, saying, "This show tells stories. And the contestants are mentored by four of the top singers in the world. On some of these shows, I think, contestants want to become celebrities. This is more about musical development". The impressive judging line-up includes Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5's Adam Levine and country singer-songwriter Blake Shelton. The show began with a series of "blind auditions", in which contestants were heard by the judges but not seen. Phase two will see singing hopefuls all performing the same song, with the judges deciding who advances. The final phase will feature live studio performances, with an audience vote to determine who is eliminated. Daily says 'The Voice' has a different agenda to other talent contests, saying, "We don't want to make fun of anyone. Some shows seem to let bad contestants through as a form of TV comedy. We don't".
Last night's episode of 'The Voice' featured an audition from Frenchie Davis, who was a semi-finalist on the second season of American Idol. Davis was controversially disqualified from the competition due to a series of explicit photos of her that began to circulate.